PCShowBuzz Pro - Red Flags. They made it nearly impossible to contact them or cancel.

Saint Paul, Minnesota 0 comments

Last nite, i ordered the software called PCSHOWBUZZPRO.After downloading the software, I found it almost impossible to operate.

Also, they misrepresented there product's content. In the ad, the software supposedly offered, hundreds of satellite channels of popular entertainment such as.....movies, tv shows, trailers, movie clips, and games, here and in other countries ect...ect...ect... What it was full of was was pages and pages of mostly games, a few news channels, a very few recognizable stations. I then tried to contact the company to cancel and lo and behold, the only # I could find(cust.

service)informed me that they do not do canceling, and then he gave me an e-mail address and I was told not to call that # again(that it was for cust. serv)? And here I thought I was a customer(I think I was before they knew I wanted to cancel) .

My suggestion is read the reviews 1st, they are put in place to help protect U&ME(the consumer)." PCSHOWBUZZPRO, RUN THE OTHER WAY"!

Review about: Software.

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